Welcome to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church! We are a Christ-centered, liturgical,  confessional, and conservative congregation.

“We believe, teach and confess…”

Lutherans are known for their catch phrases. “Justification by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone” and “The cross alone is our theology” help to convey “in a nutshell” those things that we hold most dear. We also have a question that every confirmation student knows all too well: What does this mean?

On June 25 Lutherans celebrate the Presentation of the Augsburg Confession. On this date the Lutheran princes presented to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and representatives of the Pope a statement of their common Christian faith. It is the start of the formal break between the Romanists and the Lutherans. The phrase that resonates throughout each of the articles is “We believe, teach and confess.”

The Augsburg Confession has remained one of the central documents of Lutheranism throughout the centuries since is presentation. Time does not allow the amazing declarations contained in it. There we find the first dogmatic definition of the Church. There we find a firm declaration of the doctrine of justification.

Take and read. The document can be found online with a simple Google search, or ordered, along with the other documents in Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions which can be purchased from Concordia Publishing House or on Amazon.

Visitors and members alike appreciate our dignified traditional, liturgical service that properly places the emphasis on what God is doing and has done for us  through His Son, Jesus. You can hear more about this great news by listening to some of our sermons, just click here.

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