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Does Peace Exist?

by Chad England, Head Elder at St. Peter’s.

Does peace exist? Can it truly be found in this chaotic storm which we call life? Each and every day we look out upon this world, and we see it is fallen. It is full of lies. It is full of war. It is full of arguing and conflict. People are suffering and it appears nothing is being done about it. We are bombarded with bad news, anger, and hateful rhetoric at such a frantic pace; it seems we cannot escape it. The rhythm of life continues to get faster, and faster, and faster.

Again, does Peace exist?

The answer is a resounding yes. There is Peace, but it does not come from the world. In fact, it cannot. The true Peace That Surpasses All Understanding comes from the Crucified and Risen Jesus. It cannot be found in the ways of the World, but through faith in him. His Peace comes to us in very simple means. It comes from the pure Word, preserved in the divinely inspired Gospel. It comes from the blood that HE shed, on the Cross, for YOU. INSTEAD of you. HIS blood pours out of every page of HIS WORD, filling you with LIFE. For you see, it is a Living Word, not just text. This life in HIS BLOOD is given also in HIS very LIVING body and blood which are given to us in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. There, HE is present. “Take, eat, this IS my BODY; Take, Drink, this IS my BLOOD”. In that Body and Blood you are FORGIVEN. In that Body and Blood you are renewed. In that Body and Blood you are strengthened against this World and it’s Prince, the Devil.

Daily, through Jesus Christ, you remember your Baptism. You see, you are baptized daily. EVERY DAY. Each day you remember the waters of Creation in Genesis, present at the very founding of the world. You ride out the flood with Noah. You walk through the Red Sea with Moses, out of slavery and into the Promised Land. You join John the Baptist at the Jordan River. Daily, through that simple act of water combined with the Word of God, you are washed of sin and this world.

On the Sabbath, as instructed by God, we leave this world to worship HIM who gave us  these blessings. Here, we are strengthened not only by HIS word and Sacraments, but in the fellowship of HIS Saints, your brothers and sisters in Christ. People who suffer like you, who believe in Jesus like you. Worshiping here as the angels in Heaven before HIS throne worship HIM, we join them, together, in communion, as ONE, worshiping the very real and living Jesus who is physically present on the altar. We hear the voice of HIS called servant the Pastor, nourishing us and feeding us HIS WORD, standing in the Stead of Christ until Christ returns.

If this sounds like a relief, it should. These things are opposed to everything in this worldly life. The world will not go away. You will struggle. You will fall down. But with Christ, you will be comforted. You will be picked up. You will be strengthened. With HIM, you will rejoice in the very face of the world which wants to beat you down. Through HIM, you can be IN this World, but not OF this world.

We at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church invite you to join us in HIS peace. Come and experience the Love and Peace of Jesus Christ with us, won by HIS death and resurrection. See you next Sunday!



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