Welcome to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church! Warsaw’s Home of the Lutheran Reformation – Celebrating 500 Years of Standing for Jesus Christ! 1517-2017

+++WE’VE MOVED! Please visit us at our new Sunday location at: Briar Ridge Apts. Community Center, 101 Briar Ridge Circle in Warsaw. If you’ve ever planned on visiting, now is the time to check out our great church, and special location!+++

A word from Pastor Barnes…

“Welcome to St. Peter’s Lutheran Church! We are Warsaw’s NEW Christ-centered, liturgical, confessional church.

If you’re looking for a more fulfilling and spiritually satisfying church home you’ve found it here with the welcoming people of St. Peter’s.

Visitors and members alike appreciate our dignified liturgical service that properly places the emphasis on what God is doing and has done for us poor, miserable sinners.

We participate in the Divine Service with reverent attitude and humble heart to honor and confess His willing death on the cross for our sins, and His victory won for us as our Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ over sin and death!

We’re a totally different church than you’ve visited or heard of in the past. That’s why we would like to share with you what we believe, teach and confess. We are offering free, no-obligation and no-pressure “What it means to be a Confessional Lutheran” questions and answer sessions for families, youth, and individuals. Contact me for more information.

If you have any questions, or needs whatsoever, please contact me Pastor Barnes 260-615-0075.

And check out my new Mobile Office times and locations page to find out where you can meet with me informally just to talk.

Peace be with you,

Rev. M. Barnes, Pastor

Discover St. Peter’s… Where We Preach Christ Crucified!