Back to School

A post from our guest blogger, Timo Matero.


Summer is almost over and soon the kids will be back in school. That means early mornings, homework, sports practice, and all the flurries of activities that comes with a busy school schedule.

With so many time demands, it is imperative that we continue to keep God central in our lives and in the lives our children. This means committing to a family time of bible study, prayer, and instruction. Besides the bible, this could include the use of a devotional, a prepared bible study series, and Luther’s Small Catechism.

Even way back in Martin Luther’s day, families were busy and schedules were hectic. Martin Luther developed the Small Catechism so that parents could easily teach their children the

Luther's Small Catechism circa 1600's
Luther’s Small Catechism circa 1600’s
precepts and doctrines important to Godly living. In fact, Martin Luther in his Small Catechism, introduced the first chapters with: “The Ten Commandments, as the head of the family should teach them in a simple way to his household.”

Today, we have all the tools and methods available to study with and teach our children about God. This is a duty all parents have, and it must not be ignored. Bringing the kids to church and Sunday school once a week simply isn’t enough. A daily, concerted effort to keep God in the family schedule is needed.

How about your family? What are your plans for keeping God in the family schedule this fall?

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