Theology of the Cross or Theology of Glory?

The Theology of the Cross focuses exclusively on what Jesus Christ has done for us. A Theology of Glory focuses on what we do.

The Theology of the Cross understands that there is nothing we can do to initiate, add to, or complete our slavation. A Theology of Glory is always looking for ways to keep the individual in charge of salvation.

The Theology of the Cross keeps our eyes on Jesus Christ and Him crucified (1 Corinthians 1-2). It means we see all things, including our salvation through suffering. A Theology of Glory is intent on only seeing the end glory. In doing so it bypasses the cross.

As one is either a theologian of the cross or a theologian of glory, it is possible to distinguish between the two in how things play out as we gather together.

At. Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church we believe, teach, and confess a theology of the cross.