Goodbye 2016, Hello Eternity!

New Year Musings

You have now been relegated to the history books. You shall be remembered as the year of many celebrity deaths, even up to the last few hours of your existence. You shall be remembered as the year where politicians were bypassed in favor of a businessman for president in a very controversial campaign and post-election antics. You also shall be remembered as the year when most, or all, of your resolutions were easily made and just as easily broken. You will be remembered for demonstrating to yourself and to others the things that are really of most importance to you.

You bring a new beginning. What will you unveil to us? A hope for a better future? A new set of resolutions that you will be serious about … this time? The cycle of this age continues as the calendar moves on. And nothing really changes.

For the Christians who follow the church calendar, with all its half-forgotten festivals and commemorations, the change of the year’s number means little. The Christians see in the church calendar a message that brings only joy, only peace, only life, and no broken promises.

The church calendar begins with promise, not on January 1, but on the First Sunday in Advent, preparing those who hear with the promise of Immanuel who has come and is coming. Then is the celebration of the that coming in the person of the baby laying in a manger. We look upon Him and see God with us. His presence among us is our guarantee that this, and every year from now until eternity will be truly another year of His grace.

This peace and grace can be yours, contact me today to find out how…
Pastor Barnes

“Crux sola est nostra theologia!”