Mobile Office Goes into the Community

Although it has been mobiling for some time now, on and off, the Mobile Office of Pastor Michael Barnes and St. Peter’s Lutheran Church is taking the next step. The locations and hours will be posted at least 24 hours in advance for your convenience!

  • Sometimes you want to just talk to a pastor, but outside the formal setting of the church building.
  • Sometimes you might have a question that has been crawling around in the back of your mind, or need to unload a burden of sin, and know that you will not be judged (or shunned) by the listener.
  • Sometimes you want someone who will pray for/with you about the things of life: troubles, thanksgivings, joys, etc.
  • Sometimes you just want to sit and enjoy company with another human being.
  • Wattch for location. Stop by. You are always welcome.