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One Small Donation Leads to Huge Blessings

“Thou Shalt Never Pay Retail” may not be a commandment in the Bible, but for the congregation of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church of Warsaw, IN this mantra has allowed them to purchase an incredible $1000.00 worth of food bank donation items for just over $200.

A $200 anonymous seed donation was entrusted to some “coupon-and-sale-savvy” members in order to gain the most “bang for the congregation’s buck.” By using shopping sales and clearance, along with coupons, the St. Peter’s team of wise stewards saved roughly $700.00 off retail

These items, along with a minivan full of additional donations, were delivered to the Concordia Theological Seminary’s Co-Op food bank in Fort Wayne, Indiana, early in October.

The Co-Op helps seminarians and their families supplement their budgets by providing food, paper products, and consumables on a need-based point system.

To further the blessing, St. Peters Lutheran Church of Warsaw decided to include the Co-Op in their 2016 alms box giving using 3 John 5-8 as their scriptural basis raising an additional $150.00.

“It is amazing to see God multiply blessings in such a wonderful way!” exclaimed St. Peter’s pastor, Michael Barnes. “As a poor seminarian myself in the past, I can certainly say that these gifts are needed and will be appreciated.” he continued.

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church of Warsaw is the area’s new and fast-growing traditional-only, confessional Lutheran congregation of the LC-MS. For more information visit or call Rev. M. Barnes 260-615-0075. St. Peter’s Lutheran Church of Warsaw meets Sundays at 9:00 am in the Pike Lake Fireman’s Building.