Here at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church we offer everyone the opportunity to attend and participate in educational activities that help children and adults learn more about Jesus, the Bible, and how to apply the lessons to daily life.

Sunday School:

Our Sunday School is divided into elementary (pre-k through 3rd grade), middle school (4th-8th grade), high school, and adult groups. Several times per year all groups gather together as one class for special family bible study.

cirriculum chart

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Materials for this year (elementary and middle school):

H2Oh! God Keeps His Promises*
h2ohDive into these Bible stories to discover the promises God made to His people in the Bible and to us! Young explorers will jump into the Bible to learn more about Noah, Moses, Elijah, Jonah, Naaman, Lydia, Paul and others as they discover how God has poured out His love for His people in these fourteen Old and New Testament stories:
• H2Oh! Everywhere (Noah)
• Walking through H2Oh! (Crossing the Red Sea)
• Miraculous H2Oh! (Water from the Rock)
• H2Oh! Survival (Elijah at the Brook Cherith)
• Fire and H2Oh! (Elijah and the Prophets of Baal)
• Cleansing H2Oh! (Naaman Healed)
• H2Oh! Ride (Jonah)
• Revealing H2Oh! (John the Baptist)
• Changing H2Oh! (Wedding at Cana)
• H2Oh! Safety (Built on the Rock)
• Servant H2Oh! (Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet)
• Meeting at the H2Oh! (Lydia is Baptized)
• H2Oh! Rescue (Paul’s Shipwreck)
• Living H2Oh! (The River of Life)

* More about this: Concordia Publishing House

Materials for next year(elementary and middle school):

Journey to the Cross: An Easter Learning Experience**
journeyThis powerful new program invites families to experience the road to Calvary and the path to the empty Easter tomb.
Journey to the Cross is an outreach and educational event for your congregation and community. Through activities based on Scripture, participants experience the joy of Palm Sunday, the disappointment of Judas’ betrayal, the devastation of the crucifixion, the jubilation of the resurrection, and so much more.
This family program invites children and adults to walk the path that Jesus walked. Small groups of people walk to 13 sites for activities that relate to the Passion event. At each station, their senses are engaged through experience-focused activity that teaches the biblical Passion account.
Each station offers participants the opportunity to interact with a biblical character who adds new dimension to this familiar story.
Site activities include:
• Tasting Passover foods and learning about the Lord’s Supper.
• Praying with an olive garden owner who tells about the Garden of Gethsemane.
• Touching a crown of thorns and seeing a whip to imagine the true pain of Jesus’ trials and suffering.
• Listening to an angel and Mary, wife of Clopas, report about Jesus’ resurrection.
• and much more.

**More about this: Concordia Publishing House

High School Classes

teenagerHigh School classes meet upstairs at Martin’s, and will be using the book Life’s Big Questions, God’s Big Answers by Brad Alles. From Concordia Publishing House: “Youth want straight answers about faith. This 13-part study looks at evolution, creation, the Flood, and many other controversial questions from today’s society.”

More about this book.

Adult Classes:

Will be based upon the theme of the day chosen by the pastor.