New Property Fund

We are excited to have our congregation grow and are proud to announce that we have found a new property for our church.

It is located at the corner of Old 30 Road and 250 E. in Warsaw. Soon we will be putting shovels to dirt to build our new home.

Ideally the building will be:

* Approximately 5,000 sq. ft.
* Bathrooms (women’s) 2-3 stalls (men’s) 1-2 urinals & 1 stall – both bathrooms handicap coded
* Kitchen/ kitchenette (if not already existing, then an area where it could be placed with existing plumbing already done)
* A sanctuary area for seating approximately 125
* An area for a fellowship hall or be converted to one easily when needed
* 2 separate office areas, 1 pastoral, 1 business office – securable
* 3+ classrooms, or areas that can be divided easily into classrooms
* Heat/ac
* Parking space for 50 vehicles
* Handicap accessible building

St. Peter’s has set aside a special new building fund for anyone interested in donating tax deductible funds* to this good cause. Simply contact any St. Peter’s member for more information. Thanks.

* see your tax advisor or attorney for more information