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Joining our Church…

Thanks for your interest in joining our church. We’re glad that you’re inquiring.

Let’s answer the question: What is a Church?

We as Lutherans understand that a church isn’t a building, a group of like-minded people, or a sacred plot of land blessed by a bishop in a funny hat.

Being a true Church doesn’t depend on the goodness of the members. Nor on the size of the congregation, or where it gathers to worship, or on the holiness of the Pastor and elders.

The true Church is recognized by the right preaching of God’s Word and the proper administration of Sacraments according to Christ’s institution.

We know that the true Church is dependent and sustained by Jesus Christ and His Word and Sacrament. Where these gifts are properly administered, there Jesus Christ creates faith. And that’s exactly what happens here at St. Peter’s.

It’s here at St. Peter’s during the Divine Service every Sunday where you will find Jesus Christ Himself, creating faith in us as we read His Word, and nourishing us with the gifts of His true body and true blood in the Sacrament.

Are you looking for a true church home? One where you will be fed and nourished with the gifts from our faithful, loving Savior each Sunday? Then St. Peter’s Lutheran Church of Warsaw is for you!

Simply fill out the contact form below and one of our Elders will gladly answer any questions you may have about joining St. Peter’s. Or call 574-371-6593.