To all members of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church of Warsaw. Due to the Chinese virus lock-down we are performing some necessary congregational duties online as follows:

1.Reviewing the credentials of Gino Marchetti II

2. Asking Gino any questions

3.Addressing the call of Gino Marchetti II as Pastor. The call committee has the paperwork ready to be filled out / not filled out once the vote is held. See below for voting instructions.


Please review the Credentials of Gino Marchetti II

Do you have any questions for Gino? This will go to to Chad, and Chad will forward it to Gino. Gino’s answers will be sent to you via email.

VOTING: Please submit your vote via this form. Please vote only once. Your votes must be received by the required date indicated in your email. This will go to Chad and Mike for tally up. Thank you.