Why St. Peter’s

Why St. Peter’s Is So Different

Our worship truly is Divine Service. In it, God Himself serves us with His precious gifts, and we respond in spirit and truth by proclaiming back to Him what He has done for us, which is our highest praise of Him.

In Divine Service, Jesus Christ freely gives to us what we all so desperately need: His mercy, forgiveness, joy, peace, and love.

This stands in stark contrast to contemporary services modeled after today’s entertainment and pop culture events that focus on stimulating your emotions, but leave you ultimately spiritually empty and lost.

As the modern church movements and casual approach has failed to cling to right and true teachings as found in the Scriptures, and wantonly discard wholesale, the very ways and means of Divine Service that have allowed the Church to survive the tempest of time and tyranny, is it any wonder so many people, both young and old, are searching, and longing for something other than empty platitudes and feel good attitudes?

If you’ve ever felt that there was something missing in your relationship with God, or your church has left its moorings and is now adrift in the flood of cultural correctness and man-centered entertainment, then right now is the time to discover fulfilling, Christ-centered Divine Service here at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church.